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Convivium of the senses of the olive oil

The experience of a "feast for the senses oil" to understand the sensory function of the olive oil of excellence.


Sitting, in small groups, around the tables to taste the foods enriched by the aromas and flavors of precious olive oils of excellence. It is this, in essence, the proposal of the "Convivium of the senses of the olive oil: Seven small bottles on each table, each with an oil of excellence - DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI.
The seven oils, as 7 notes, form a 'harmony of colours, smells and tastes from the most delicate, to the fruity, up to the most robust, all of them sprightly due to a tactile sensation of pungency, more or less intense. The chef prepares dishes lacking only for the addition of olive oil to complete the sensory profile. It will be the guests themselves to do so, adding the most suitable oil to give personality, aroma, flavour and smoothness to the food.
To begin to define the limits of the experience, three small portions of boiled white rice, neutral from a sensory point of view, will be tasted, after the addition to each one, respectively, of the more delicate olive oil, the most fragrant and the most strong one. It will be the new sensory profile of the samples of rice to unveil the sensory potential of the oils used. Then we will continue with the same method to taste the dishes before and after the addition of the various oils. We can then see if it is true that the value added of the olive oil of excellence lies in its ability to characterize and give personality to the foods to which it is added: the result is the pleasure of the palate.

The producers of excellent olive oils known the sensory capabilities of their own oils. They know how to find the targeted sensory profiles, using different olive varieties, appropriate farming practices, the right level of ripeness and extraction technologies, to get different oils to transmit to customers, with a new descriptive and emotional language, flavours, aromas, emotions, memories from the production area.
In the culture of oil of excellence, the protagonists are:


  • A sensorial scale of oils of excellence
  • A chef who knows how to prepare foods that are enriched with flavours and aromas by the olive oils.
  • Guests curious and refined, with a  lively sensory attention.

In a convivial tasting one can evaluate the combination between food and olive oils with the simple use of our senses: SIGHT - SMELL - TOUCH – TASTE
The variety of olives, their state of maturation and the technology used to extract the oil are the factors that condition the sensory profile of the oils of excellence.
For driving the consumers in choosing the olive oils on the basis of their sensory functionality we suggest to classify the oils into three categories:
DELICATE: where the components of aroma, pungency and bitterness are of slight intensity and the value lies in their ability to give to the food: softness, roundness, tactile harmony and palatability.
FRUITY: where the smell is the dominant character, with aspects of spicy and bitter balanced and of medium intensity. This category includes such oils characterized by hints of cut grass or tomato, both of the fruit and the leaf, produced from olives of early and medium maturity.
The use of crushers at low speed helps obtain fresh and lively olive oils. The kneading times should generally be short and we have verified the importance of reducing, but not eliminating, the availability of oxygen in the kneading machine to generate and preserve the aromas and protect from oxidation the phenol compounds, such as astringency bearer tyrosol, like the spicy oleocanthal and as the bitter oleuropein aglycone.
ROBUST: which give strength and character to the foods thanks to the intense pungency and bitterness of artichokes aroma.


Cena Convivio dei sensi dell'olio

Oggi vi presentiamo il menù completo della cena "Convivio dei sensi dell'olio" organizzato il 29 Settembre da Agrivision per Club del fornello - Rivalta ( Piacenza ) presso Loft E' piazza del carmine in collaborazione con Galateo e di seguito un articolo scritto da Lamberto Baccioni sulla funzionalità sensoriale  degli Oli di Eccellenza e del suo rapporto con la tecnologia di produzione. 

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